Bill Wood
Born to a reporter mother and Navy dad, Bill spent his formative years traveling across Canada visiting some of the finest Navy bases this country has to offer. He studied theatre in university, comedy in dark basements and magic in his lonely bedroom. Bill has written for THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES, appeared as a dope peddling delivery driver on the TRAILER PARK BOYS and a naked chicken at the Edinburgh Fringe. He loves his wife deeply.

Twitter: @BillWoodcharm

Evany Rosen
Evany is a Toronto native who makes her home in Halifax as a standup comic, actor and writer. She has appeared at Just for Laughs, and on TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens and HBO’s CALL ME FITZ. She wrote a short film called Pawnshop that won a National Screen Institute award for best short in 2010. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in early modern philosophy which, according to her father, “seems like a real airtight backup plan.”

Twitter: @evanyrosen

Mark Little
Mark was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. He’s a touring stand-up comedian who, in 2009, won the Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off and the Just For Laughs Homegrown Competition. He cried in grade 11 when three guys made fun of his jeans.

Twitter: @markmarklittle

Brian Eldon Macquarrie
Raised in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, he is the product of a nomadic-gypsy-like single mother. In 2003 he was accepted into Dalhousie University’s Acting and Performance Program, where he was placed on academic probation for “lack of commitment.” Despite warnings from professors he continued performing standup and sketch comedy. Brian has since performed at Just For Laughs, The Canadian Comedy Awards and the Vancouver Comedy Fest. He has made an appearance in THE DRUNK AND ON DRUGS HAPPY FUNTIME HOUR (opposite Amy Sedaris) and makes a regular appearance on TV WITH TV’S JONATHAN TORRENS. Brian enjoys waffle cones and the things you put in them.

Twitter: @brianmacquarrie

Kyle Dooley
Kyle has performed at most of Canada’s improv and comedy festivals, both as an individual and as a part of Picnicface. He can also be seen touring the Maritimes doing standup for crowds anywhere from ‘dingy bar’ size to ‘well lit auditorium’ size. He is slowly becoming a photoshop wizard, and working hard to become an actual wizard.

Twitter: @Kyledooley

Cheryl Hann
Cheryl was born in Saint Anthony, Newfoundland but has called Halifax home for most of her life. A full time honors student at Dalhousie University, Cheryl is also a stand up comedian and aspiring rapper. Her first album will be called “Her Last Album”.

Twitter: @CherylHann

Scott Vrooman
Scott is a writer, actor, and improviser. He recently co-wrote and co-starred in the feature film Roller Town, and had a role in the feature Hobo With a Shotgun. He has also written for 22 Minutes. Scott used to be a professional economist, and knows all the words to Lodi Dodi.

Twitter: @mescottvrooman

Andrew Bush
Andrew Bush is a Halifax based writer/actor/director. He’s written for THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES, STREET CENTS, ROBSON ARMS and CANADIAN IDOL. As an actor he’s performed on MADE IN CANADA,, REGENISIS, and the THE DRUNK AND ON DRUGS HAPPY FUNTIME HOUR. His latest project is the feature film, Roller Town, which he directed and co-wrote and should see a theatrical release sometime in the fall of 2011. Andrew also plays too many video games.

Twitter: @andycbush